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PhyllisC. Solon, PsyD, LP

Consultation and Supervision


Most clinicians, particularly when starting out, need the support, guidance and consultation of other professionals.  My model of supervision and consultation is Developmental, Relational, and Cultural.  I work in supervision and consultation from a Feminist-Multicultural framework that presupposes each person in the room has multiple perspectives and cultural identities through which they view any given situation, client, conversation or relationship.


Much of my teaching is dependent on the feedback and relationships that are in the room.  People ask questions and I am very good at answering extemporaneously.


As I sit here and think about what I do and how I am when I teach I think about a performance, a dance. An interaction and relationship between the students and I and between the students themselves.   Between each of us and the material.  There are so many dances and relationships happening concurrently it is impossible to keep track and not really even necessary.  Except maybe if I want to write a book about it. 

Why do people like me as a teacher?  I want my students and the people that I mentor to grow into being completely and truly who they are meant to be in the world.  Do I have an agenda?  You bet.  My agenda is one of Love and conviction.  I absolutely believe that each and every one of us has a purpose here in this world.  I believe that the highest good is to Love and honor and protect others, particularly children and those who cannot protect themselves.  I have learned over a long period of time that there is no such thing as self-sufficiency.  We are all intensely and intrinsically dependant on one another. 


Being a teacher/mentor allows me to help people to uncover and explore the miracle of who they are and what is this world we live in.  Help them to see and cherish themselves and the people around them.  

“Dr. Solon, you have helped me to become more myself not just to become more like you.  You did not require me to believe the same things that you believe.  That is what has helped me grow the most.  Seeing that I could be a psychologist for who I am and who I will become not just for who you or others think I am or should be.  That is a blessing and a miracle.”



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